Report Ken O'Brien

Pics Gary Dowzall

A scorching June day greeted riders for this final championship round at Cox's farm Beckley but it was only a facade as there was plenty of muddy sections ahead after heavy midweek rain had flooded the fields and underground springs.

Scott faulkner Scorpa topped the intermediate class regaining his composure after a first section dab on Tom Mitson's nadgery uphill wooded section.

Simon Dowling had a good day claiming the 50/50 honours with a loss of 74 Simon riding modern kit today opposed to the Tigercub.

On the standard white route Twinshock mounted Rob Faulkner put the best perfomance losing 26 having one of very few cleans on sub six a downhill muddy slot with low growing boughs to take in before exiting a tight slick turn.

In the Clubman class it was Ex motocrosser Jim parker out in front once again with a creditable thirty one mark penalty which included 4 immpressive cleans on the marshland of section nine, full pin in 3rd required to reach the ends cards fifty or so metres up the field.

The Novice class victor Mark Howkins 250 Beta looked in control today and kept his head down for what is probably a championship winning ride .

On the ever popular Blue eased route young Patrick Topliss posted the best Youth B score and improving with every outing.

The adult riders were led home by Sam Cherry with Dick Barrett just creeping into second spot ahead of Tony Brown,Sam the only Blue route rider to conquer sub four at every visit, a  twisting wooded climb rounding a big oak with a steep drop then crossing the swamps edge.

Thanks to all for supporting our club thoughout the championship.


Class  Name  Machine  Marks Lost 
Inter Scott Faulkner Scorpa 27
  Bradley Cox     Gas Gas 42
50/50 (Red/White) Simon Dowling Scorpa 74
Standard White Route      
Novice Mark Howkins Beta 61
Clubman Jim Parker Scorpa 31
  Adian Steele Sherco 32
  Matt Parker Sherco 57
Twinshock  Rob Faulkner TY 250 26
  Alan Taylor Bul 350 31
  Ken O'Brien Cotswold 65
Pre 65 Chris Waddup DMW 155
Blue Eased Route      
Youth B Patrick Topliss Beta 118
Adult Riders Sam Cherry Mont 315R 45
  Dick Barrett Beta 83
  Tony Brown Scorpa 87
  Peter Senley Montesa 90


Oxford Ixion mcc 2008 final championship positions - Champs have completed 4 rnds & 1st Class 3 rnds  
Expert Chris Poel
Twinshock Alan Taylor
Pre 65 Chris Waddup
Clubman Adrian Steele
Blue eased route Sam Cherry
2nd Blue route Dick Barrett
1st Class Intermediate Scott Faulkner
  "       "     50/50 Simon Dowling
  "       "     Novice Mark Howkins
  "       "     Twinshock          Ken O'Brien
  "       "     Clubman Barry Ward