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Welcome to the website of the Oxford Ixion Motorcycle Club. Oxford Ixion MCC was formerly known as Oxford Speedway Club and was founded in 1937, but shortly afterwards the speedway boys went their own way and Ixion MCC were left to run trials and scrambles events. This site is devoted to the Trials section.


 At IXION's recent club trial John Coles, Chairman of the S.Midland centre ACU, presented Maureen Faulkner with the Jim Laurie trophy. This award is presented to those who have made a significant contribution to trials over a number years. Maureen has been supporting trials at IXION for neary 50 years. Initally when husband Bill was riding and then with sons and grandson were competing. As a regular observer she often has a friendly encouraging word for new and old competitors alike. The award is richly deserved.